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No Mud, No Lotus.

                     Thich Nhat Hanh

Acupuncture & Herbs
help you get grounded.
Recover faster.
Feel less pain.
Feel less fragmented.
Stay rooted.

         Sheila Liewald L.Ac.

  • Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Board Certified Chinese Herbalist
  • Certified Biopuncturist
  • Member of Colorado Acupuncture Association
  • Member of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • Staff Acupuncturist at Good Samaritan Hospital
More About The Clinic

Wellness. Wilderness.

The Japanese call it shinrin-yoku (森林浴) and it means “forest bathing”. We are designed to not just move, but to be outside. Even our skin and eyes need natural light far more than modern day civilization gets now. It’s the most beneficial way to obtain vitamin D, uplift the spirit, boost the immune system and more. Getting outside for just 30 minutes a day is free, healthy, and will immediately help you feel better.

Testimonials and Recommendations.

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“I sprained my ankle when I was climbing. It was the worst sprain I’ve had and the pain lasted a couple months and for the last year it hasn’t been the same. If I sat on my foot a certain way it still caused pain, and it felt really stuck, with limited range of motion. Sheila did two sessions on my ankle, and WOW. My ankle finally feels normal after a year. I didn’t even realize just how out-of-whack the ankle was until it finally felt better. Given how amazingly helpful this acupuncture was on my ankle I just wish I would have gone to her immediately after the sprain.” S.R.

“I fell hiking and tore 2 ligaments and was diagnosed with a 3rd degree ankle sprain. OUCH! I was in a cast for weeks and was in immense pain, discomfort, and had major atrophy and immense swelling. Thank goodness I found Sheila at Red Aspen Wellness a soon as I was put in a walking boot! She was so educated on the anatomy of my foot and ankle and was able to REALLY help me. She had so many wonderful tricks up her sleeve- from topical herbal remedies, e-stim attached to acupuncture needles (which felt amazing) and even a blood letting (not scary, I promise) technique that immediately helped with my swelling and discomfort. She also helped me keep my goal of hiking w/o needing surgery! Thank you, Sheila!!!!” E.S.
“I wasn’t a believer in acupuncture until I started seeing Sheila. Not only am I feeling more energized and all-around healthier, I’ve been able to kick my 4+ years of sleeping pill addiction. Sheila is a great listener and very empathetic. I highly recommend her!” — A.B.
“Sheila did a great job by bringing my constant jaw popping under control. The treatment was tailored to my symptoms and done in a relaxing atmosphere.” — R.R.
As someone completely new to acupuncture, I was not only unsure what to expect, but was a bit apprehensive of the whole needle idea. Apprehensions aside, I walked in to my first session. Then it happened, Sheila was able to release the knots that had plagued my back for months! These are the same knots that were resistant to sports massage! I’ve since returned for similar work and left feeling completely serene. Thank you relieving my pains Red Aspen! — S.C.
Acupuncture has given me support during stressful and emotionally challenging times. Sheila’s treatments have helped relieve anxiety by getting me out of my head, and given me a grounded sense of comfort within my body. J.H.
I had been a skeptic of acupuncture for some time before my first session with Sheila. However, in just several sessions she managed not only to dispel my skepticism, but to open up my mind to non-Western healing practices in general. Sheila’s approach is very hands on; she will search for and tackle the root of a problem, both external and internal, rather than just treat the symptoms. Because of this, she is very personable and receptive to any feedback that you give her. She is passionate about her work, and just as passionate about improving the lives of those she works with. I have yet to find someone of her caliber in Chicago since I’ve moved away. I highly recommend her. — P.C.

Tales From The Apothecary

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 3.38.12 PMThese plants are coming together to alleviate arthritic pain. Plants can help reduce inflammation and increase circulation. Some have a propinquity to go to the joints, extremities, or the lower of upper half of the body. Didn’t think plants were that smart? Observe them growing through concrete, around abandoned buildings, resist chemicals and so on. They can thrive and are clever and creative.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 4.03.44 PMTangerine peels take center stage today. In Chinese medicine it’s called Qing Pi (pronounced ching pee). Excellent for digestion when food feels like it’s stuck in your stomach sitting there and not moving. Paired with acupuncture this is a powerful digestive aid.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 4.03.09 PMThe colors of bone menders. Did you know herbs are incredible for mending and knitting fractures?


Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 3.38.31 PM“A” is for Astragalus and Amenorrhea. This formula will help a female who is skipping menses when she shouldn’t be. Herbs can help regulate menses, help with pain, PMS, headaches, or infertility.

Break your cycle of repeat illness, avoid further injury,
strengthen your muscles and boost your immune system.


Heal up to 50% faster with acupuncture,
herbs, cupping, e-stim or moxa.

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40 scientists gather with University of Indiana and conclude that electroacupuncture releases stem cells to relieve pain, promote tissue repair

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FDA suggests acupuncture to doctors for pain management

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Acupuncture Shown In Small Study To Relieve Carpel Tunnel

Carpel tunnel can respond very very well with acupuncture. I have seen is not only respond well, but fairly quickly for patients.The New York Times reports the study here.   https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/02/well/live/acupuncture-can-ease-wrist-pain-of-carpal-tunnel-syndrome.html?_r=1